Kiss My Name 2.0

Kiss My Name 2.0   / 2017

With ‘Kiss My Name’ we have put together a caleidoscopic show full of meaning and incentives. We have formed a colorful collective of young designers and more established artists who explore the boundaries of the interior. In our work we are all looking for boundaries: between product and autonomous object, between pleasant and alienating, between historical reference and renewal, between natural and artificial, between design and concept. This is were our work finds each other and strengthens each other in a theatrical setting that draws in the spectator as it were.

From an aesthetic world of material, color and shape we make objects full of expression that are sometimes real products, sometimes more art and sometimes more decor and space. As a design studio Visser & Meijwaard is looking for a new interpretation of space and perception.

Material: Paper, Wool, Ceramics, Silk, Oak, PVC

Credenza, stool and window design by Visser & Meijwaard
Flowers by Linda Nieuwstad
Ceramics by Studio KnockOut
Animals by Dekendieren
Wallpaper by GeoLeo
Dress by Ebruze

Photography by Eva Broekema