Kiss My Name Milan 2016

Kiss My Name   / 2016

‘Kassiewijle’ is a collective of young designers and more established artists who explore the boundaries of the interior. With Kiss my Name they present a colorful setting that challenges the audience to not only see the products, but also experience them. (The exhibition was on display from 12 till 17 April 2016 during the Salone del Mobile at Via Massimiano 23 Lambrate, Milan)

Product designers Visser & Meijwaard, Studio KnockOut and artists Linda Nieuwstad and Jan van der Ploeg unite their work together in a conceptual presentation, combining giant flowers, coffins made of PVC cloth, large murals and dazzling ceramic chandeliers. Kiss my Name is a singular world of elements that find each other in an exhibition where the audience doesn’t just look at products, but walks into an experience.

“The work we make is extravagant. We deal with the big gestures, rituals and themes. From an aesthetic world of material, color and shape we make objects full of expression that are sometimes real products, sometimes more art and sometimes more decor and space.

The central pieces of our exhibition are coffins which are suitable for reuse. This is a product that is far removed from a glossy lifestyle, and is often found in serene, tranquil surroundings. We focused on how we could design a new world of pomp and rituals around the theme of grief in a distinctive new design language.
As a design collective we are looking for a new interpretation of space and perception. ”

Kiss my Name was on display in Milan with support of the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.

Material: Wallpaper, Porcelain, PVC, Oak, Metal

Cabinets, Coffins & Stools by Visser & Meijwaard
Flowers by Linda Nieuwstad
Wallpaper by Jan van der Ploeg
Chandeliers & Vases by Studio KnockOut

Photography by Ilco Kemmere