Milpesos pendant

MILPESOS for Ames/ 2024

In the past, VISSERMEIJWAARD has designed minimalist objects with a powerful expression. Creative director Vera Meijwaard has now brought this ethos to their first product for Ames. And she did so by choosing the Seje palm as her material, an almost magical plant. “The Seje palm immediately caught my eye: a wooden branch showcasing a wavy structure covered with knot details over the entire length. A fascinating natural beauty and a truly unique texture!”

This tactile texture enabled the regional craftsmen to coil the wood around a metal base structure that forms the basis of the lamp body. The name Milpesos is one of “the dozens of names for the Seje palm”, which it bears thanks to its regional popularity. Its basket-like processing has been perfected in the Colombian Caribbean for over the years. Completely handmade, the lamp takes no less than three weeks to produce – a precision craftsmanship that underpins the eco-conscious luxury of the product and the Ames brand.

Photography by Ames