Kiss My Name presents Off The Grass   / 2017

With our exhibition ‘Off the Grass’ we explore the ‘garden’ as a design concept. As a collective we put down a kaleidoscopic show, full of meaning and incentives. Our ‘garden’ is a fictional garden, as in a vision or a dream. Together we create a new image out of wonderful color, material and object combinations that change the atmosphere and meaning of our individual work. We not only share a space, we create a new world.

Kiss My Name is a colourful quintet consisting of a designer duo (Visser & Meijwaard), an artist (Linda Nieuwstad), a graphic designer (Michiel Schuurman), a upholsterer (Martijn Stelt) and an animator (Roy de Haan).

As a collective, we seek the boundaries of disciplines, even exceed them, by creating a complete new image. At the same time our work can still be separated again: we make objects that can also stand alone, each with its own concept and its own ingenious design.

In our work we are all looking for boundaries: between product and autonomous object, between pleasant and alienating, between historical reference and innovation, between natural and artificial, between design and concept. This is the field in which we find each other and strengthen each other. We create our own world out of elements that congregate in a presentation, which takes the audience out of it’s fast pace and judgement. A collaboration in which different generations of artists and designers find each other and explore the boundaries of the interior.

Material: Wallpaper, Earthenware, PVC, Oak, Metal, Ash, Wool

Interior by Visser & Meijwaard
Flowers by Linda Nieuwstad
Wallpaper by Michiel Schuurman
Rhino & Airplane by Dekendieren

Photography by Max Kneefel