Vera Meijwaard – Gelderland   / 2013

In the couch designed in commission by Gelderland for subtle detailing stands out. The accent lines in the upholstery are not placed at the cutting surfaces as usual but rather in the middle of the backrest. In this way a beautiful and flowing play of lines arises in the alignment. The hull of the sofa is made ​​of solid beech wood. The inside is made ​​up of polyether and high resilient foams that are carefully selected for the purpose of seating comfort. For the fabric has been chosen for two types of wool which each have a unique look. All sofas are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands.

The setting can be completed by adding the hocker or cushions.
Material: Beech Wood, Wool, Polyether, Resilient Foam

Commissioned By ‘Gelderland’ for